Mnemonics in exam revision

Mnemonics / acronyms mnemonics techniques are good methods for remember key information you take the first letter or each word and form another word to remember revision techniques wwwphoenixhsccouk prompt cards make some revision notes on small index cards you can carry round these prompt cards for revising in short breaks. Revision must be one of the most individualised processes within academic life students begin it with: different sets of knowledge and understandings different responses to the stress of the revision and exam period different preferred revision techniques and different psychological and life contexts into which to fit the revision.

A mnemonic device is a verbal mind memory learning aid such as a small poem, phrase or special word used to help you remember something mnemonics come in various different forms for example, many mnemonics use the letters in a word that you need to remember to spell out sentences. There are no rules to mnemonics, especially for revision, it's just about what works for you for some tips, here's our own guide to creating and using mnemonics acronyms an acronym mnemonic sees you abbreviate information by creating a word where each letter stands for something.

Mnemonics, as part of the exam revision techniques mrcp 1 course these are slideshows only the demonstration with video presentation and explanation that goe.

Anyone know any useful mnemonics that would be useful for remembering stuff for gcse chem or for any science exam i specially need help on remembering the useful mnemonics for science exams watch a/a revision tips - feel free to pass by and include any going into year 11, any tips at all. Mnemonicsg prompt cards etc) to check facts keep calm – don’t try to learn new topics so close to an exam wwwphoenixhsc don’t stay up all nightuk exam techniques day before the exam: use your revision tools (e diagramsco. Our revision guide to mnemonics aims to help you to boost your memory ahead of your latest exams introduction first of all, what exactly is a mnemonic.

Mnemonics in exam revision

A mnemonic is a learning technique which aids information retention these can take many, many forms one of the most common is the acronym, which makes a word out of the initials of other words to recall a larger piece of information. Revision and exam skills this study guide tackles the topic of revision for exams many of the ideas it contains are from discussions with students who have come for study consultations provided by learning development revision is a personal, individual process discover the potential of mnemonics a mnemonic is a device by which you.

Mnemonics are memory aids they are sometimes a single sentence, sometimes entire paragraphs an english tutor friend of mine told me that he invented a labyrinthine mental trail around canterbury cathedral, populated by characters which he then taught to his students to help them recall the order of the canterbury tales my personal favourite was a woman having a bath in the font, with a frying pan - the wife of bath followed by the friar's tale.

mnemonics in exam revision But now psychologists in the us warn many favourite revision techniques will not lead to exam success universities, schools and colleges offer students a variety of ways to help them remember the content of their courses and get good grades these include re-reading notes, summarising them and highlighting the important points.
Mnemonics in exam revision
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